Ibrahimovic again, teamwork and a race to the bottom. Milan are champions


While everyone admires how tight the fight for the championship in England was, as well as the next Manchester City title, the triumph in Italy, where everything was also decided at the last moment, remained a little in the shadow. True, Milan approached the final round with a two-point lead over Inter, and the Rossoneri were even happy with a draw in the final meeting with Sassuolo on the road. And the Nerazzurri had to beat Sampdoria without fail. Follow this link 22bet.ug to find our more about betting.

Inter coped with its task, beating the Genoese with a score of 3:0. Moreover, all three goals were scored in the eight-minute period from the 49th to the 57th minute. But by that time, it was unlikely that the Nerazzurri themselves believed in success, because by the end of the first half Milan were leading 3-0 at Sassuolo. And during the break, the Inter players must have seen how the competitor is doing. And the result is unlikely to reassure them. But they did everything that depended on them in any case.

This championship title for Milan is incredibly valuable. The Rossoneri are going through a qualitative transition with his help. After all, for several years in a row, many scoffed at this club. Over Milan’s attempts to build something powerful, bright, over failures, over the destruction of plans and the construction of new ones.

It seemed that the Rossoneri started a cycle that had no end and no end – the fans of Manchester United and Arsenal would understand this feeling. And now the block has been removed. Yes, Milan would deserve a different perception and assessment, even if they were only second. But to fully enjoy the return of the great club was possible only with the help of winning the champion title.

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The last time Milan won the Italian championship in the now distant 2011. It was a completely different team. Although she has something in common with the current Milan – Ibrahimovic is in the squad. Yes, then he was also in Milan and took the championship. Since then, Zlatan has lived a whole separate football life. He managed to become a legend of PSG, made some noise at Manchester United and even caused confusion across the ocean by playing brightly for Los Angeles Galaxy.

And in 2020 he returned to Milan, where nothing serious was expected from him. But even this season, when Ibrahimovic rarely appeared on the field due to health problems, the very spirit of the mighty shocking Swede seemed to charge the team. No wonder the directors snatched him during the broadcasts almost more often than the head coach.

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