PoE Currency Farming with Alva: Maximizing Profits with Minimal Investment

PoE Currency Farming

Farming Path of Exile currency effectively doesn’t always require hefty investments. A smart way to increase your in-game wealth is by utilizing Alva and her Temporal Incursions. This guide will walk you through maximizing your profits using Alva, even with a minimal investment of PoE currency.

Setting Up Your Atlas for Alva Encounters

To make the most out of Alva’s missions, your Atlas should be optimized for her encounters. Allocate your Atlas skill points primarily to Alva’s passive skills. This enhances the frequency and effectiveness of Alva encounters, offering better opportunities for loot and rewards. The remaining Atlas points can be distributed according to your play style, such as boss encounters or map progression.

Selecting Maps for Alva Missions

One key advantage of this strategy is that it works across all map tiers. Whether you’re running white, yellow, or red maps, the profit-making potential is consistent. Choose maps with simple layouts for quicker and more efficient runs. If you’re running low on Alva missions, you can obtain compasses with four Alva encounters on the trade market, typically for about 2 Chaos Orbs.

Executing the Maps

As you enter a map, locate Alva quickly and begin the Temporal Incursion. Focus on two primary objectives:

  1. Corruption Chamber (Locus of Corruption): At tier three, this room can corrupt items, potentially increasing their value substantially.
  2. Gemcutter’s Workshop (Doryani’s Institute): Also best at tier three, this room offers enhanced gem quality, which can be highly profitable.

To efficiently navigate the incursions:

  • Prioritize rooms connected to the entrance.
  • Use the function in the top right corner to switch rooms or upgrade their tier.
  • Aim to open passages linking back to the entrance for simpler navigation.
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Navigating Incursions

During the incursion, your main goal is to interconnect all rooms, which simplifies exploration and access to key areas. If you encounter a room that doesn’t lead to your targets (Corruption Chamber or Gemcutter’s Workshop), focus on defeating the boss to open a new passage, then exit promptly.

Making the most out of Alva’s Temporal Incursions can lead to substantial rewards with minimal investment. Here’s how to continue maximizing your gains after completing Alva encounters in each map.

Post-Incursion Strategy

After finishing all Alva encounters on a map, use a Portal Scroll to return to your hideout, then set out for your next map. Keep repeating this process, with a focus on upgrading the Corruption Chamber or the Gemcutter’s Workshop to tier three. This cycle of running maps and targeting specific rooms ensures a steady flow of potential profits.

Evaluating Your Temple

Once you’ve completed a series of incursions, it’s time to assess your progress. In your hideout, consult with Alva to review your Temple layout. A well-optimized temple, especially one with a tier three Corruption Chamber, can be extremely lucrative. Such a setup can potentially earn you rewards like 1.5 Exalted Orbs or even more from a single temple run.

Consistency Is Key

It’s important to note that striking it rich may not happen within just a few maps. However, the relatively low time and resource investment required for this method (in terms of both in-game time and PoE currency) make it a consistently profitable approach. Over time, the rewards can accumulate significantly, making it a reliable farming strategy.

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Gameplay

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Additionally, consider utilizing tools like Aon’s remote software, which can facilitate your trade management and gameplay, allowing you to play and profit even when you’re away from your main gaming setup. This can ensure you’re always on top of your game, ready to seize every profitable opportunity that comes your way in Path of Exile.

Final Thoughts

With this guide, you’re well on your way to becoming an efficient and effective currency farmer in Path of Exile. Remember, patience and persistence are key, and with the right strategies, even minimal investments can lead to substantial gains. Happy farming, Exiles, and may your treasure troves overflow with PoE currency.

By following these steps and using Alva’s Temporal Incursions, you can effectively farm PoE currency with minimal investment. This strategy is particularly useful for players who want to maximize their returns without spending much in the way of chaos orbs or other currencies. Happy farming, and may your paths in Wraeclast be prosperous and rewarding!

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