The exciting Hallyburton Johnstone Shield

The Hallyburton Johnstone Shield is the premier domestic women’s cricket competition in New Zealand. All its matches are available at the website for being wagered.

The first edition of this competition was played in 1935. Interest in this competition emerged after a highly popular tour that the English national team made to New Zealand back in that year. A lot of enthusiasm for this sport emerged as a result of this tour, which as a consequence brought the creation of this competition. The 1xBet website can also be used if you want to wager on the Hallyburton Johnstone Shield as well.

Challenging the champion

The first editions of the Hallyburton Johnstone Shield were different to how the tournament is held nowadays. Back then, the tournament was just a single match played once a year. When the next year came, another cricket team came up and challenged the title holders. This resulted in the competition being played one more time. Sign up now to the fantastic online betting sites, where you can wager on all the modern matches of this competition.

An important format change occurred in 1946. Rather than a single match, here four teams played a single round-robin, where the team with the most points won the trophy. Those inaugural four squads were:

  • Auckland;
  • Wellington;
  • Canterbury;
  • and Otago.

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Plenty of changes

The period between the 1960s and 1990s saw multiple changes in the list of teams that participated in the Hallyburton Johnstone Shield. For example, in 1965 the North Shore team joined the tournament. 14 years later, Central District also became part of the tournament. You can always make 1xBet online volleyball betting – bet on live volleyball online, as well as wagering on great cricket matches too.

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In fact, during most of the 1980s, one of the original teams of the tournaments, Otago, was replaced by Southern Districts. Other teams came and went from the tournament, including North Harbour, Pub Charities XI and even Canterbury B.

The most winning teams of the competition are Canterbury, Wellington and Auckland. Out of those three teams, Canterbury is by far the most winning team of the Hallyburton Johnstone Shield. Just to show how dominant they are, Wellington, the second most winning squad, would need to win consecutively for many decades to reach Caterbury. Feel free to bet on live volleyball online through 1xBet, which besides online volleyball betting also has an excellent cricket area.

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