Top 10 Things to Avoid After a Meal

after meal

There are some not just bad habits, but even very dangerous habits after a meal that we didn’t know we had. For some people, they lead to minor and even harmless disorders. For others, they lead to serious illnesses. So what shouldn’t you do after you eat?

Eating Fruit

It’s proved that the cause of stomach upset, heartburn and even belching may be the consumption of fruit after eating.

First, to digest fruit, they need a large number of different enzymes. Second, it takes longer for fructose to be absorbed completely. Third, you can get a lot more benefit from nutritious fruit if you eat an apple or an orange on an empty stomach.


Insomnia and bloating are what those who head to a warm bed right after eating are forced to deal with. Recent studies have proven that those who stay awake for a couple of hours after dinner may not fear the onset of a stroke. So try betting via the best online sports betting website, reading a book , or learning a few foreign words instead.

Taking a Shower

Good blood flow in the stomach ensures proper digestion. If you take a shower right after a meal, the blood flow in your arms and legs will increase several times. As a result, digestion will slow down. Abdominal pain is a consequence you will have to face.


Smoking is already a bad enough habit, and if you reach for a cigarette right after lunch or dinner. Nicotine reduces the amount of oxygen in the body. Oxygen, in turn, is very necessary for digestion. If its volume is reduced, the body starts to absorb many times more carcinogens than usual.


Smoking after a meal causes as much damage to the body as 10 cigarettes smoked one after the other. The risk of developing colon or lung cancer increases several times over!


Wait half an hour before going for a walk. Indigestion, discomfort, and acid reflux are all things that people who love to hike right after eating suffer from, and resting a bit will help you get healthier.


After a meal, all the body’s efforts are focused on digesting food. If you start to load yourself physically, the body will be under stress and normal digestion will be disturbed. And one more thing: the stomach itself will suffer during the most active movements.

Getting Behind the Wheel

When more blood flows to the digestive tract, the brain is deprived of an adequate blood supply for a while. Concentration drops and drowsiness occurs. So, get behind the wheel no sooner than 1-2 hours after a meal.

Drinking Tea

Drinking tea is an integral part of the meal. No matter what you eat for lunch or dinner, the meal always ends with tea and something sweet. Tea contains tannic acids, which reduce iron absorption from food by 87%. This often leads to general weakness, chest pain, anemia, dizziness, and chronic fatigue.

Eating Sweets

It’s eating sweets after the main meal that is commonly thought of as the cause of excess weight, which later has to be dealt with. Studies show that 75% of those who binge on a brownie after their main meal are overweight after 35.

Brushing Your Teeth

It seems strange, doesn’t it? But brushing your teeth after dinner can harm your teeth. During this procedure, the enamel layer is peeled off, which means that sugar or acids are harmful to your teeth. Wait half an hour before you brush your teeth. This is enough time to produce enough saliva to help neutralize the acids.

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