Top 7 Reasons Why the Cisco CCIE Certification Is So Popular

Obtaining expertise in this field is crucial if you want to significantly improve your chances of succeeding in your chosen job. In other words, unless one is fully prepared to supply the necessary discipline and dedication, success in any sector could be nothing more than a pipe dream.

To that aim, obtaining the CCIE certification is necessary for making a name for oneself in the IT networking sector. One of the most prestigious certification certifications is the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certificate. Surprisingly, many degree holders in the humanities, social sciences, and even other sciences are hesitant to sign up for the CCIE certification programme. The top seven reasons the Cisco CCIE certificate is becoming increasingly well-liked among IT professionals worldwide will be discussed.

1. Attractive salary package

One of the few credentials that ensure an attractive compensation package, even at entry levels, is the CCIE designation. Simply passing the CCIE written test and labs is all that is necessary. Indeed, the compensation and other perks are alluring and enticing enough to change your financial situation quickly.

2. Quick Promotion

In reality, CCIE professionals consistently have better employment prospects than other IT professionals like CCNP and CCNA. Since these CCIE professionals have the better technical training to comprehend networking and lead projects, IT companies have more faith in them. In contrast to CCNA and CCNP level engineers, a CCIE holder who starts in an L1 role can quickly advance to an L3 position within 3 to 4 years.

3. Demand for CCIE experts is steadily rising.

Global connectivity and collaboration are becoming more commonplace among businesses. Just this alone drives up the demand for more network engineers.

4. Access to Top-Notch CCIE Training for Aspiring Candidates

Because of its insufficient certified trainers and significant expense in setting up the CCIE laboratories, the CCIE exam used to be challenging to pass. However, with reliable trainers here and there, these bottlenecks are long gone, and you may now prepare and receive certification in one session.

5. Prospects for International Careers

Almost all students and professionals with experience dream of landing abroad placements. The quickest way to compelte this is to obtain a CCIE certification. After certification, it is simpler to find jobs and working visas everywhere in the globe. Moreover, please continue reading this to know more.

6. Distinguished IT Certification

CCIE is still the best Cisco certification, without a doubt. It provides instruction on the planning, execution, and troubleshooting of the complex networking infrastructure used by most enterprise enterprises. However, according to statistics, there need to be more CCIE-certified specialists to meet the global market’s rising demand. This Cisco certification is a step in the direction of a competitive compensation package, professional respect, and career advancement opportunities. Either a business or an individual can work toward earning the CCIE certification. One can become certified after completing just 3 hours of written exams and 8 hours of laboratory examinations. There are numerous venues worldwide where the exam is given. Surprisingly, the CCIE exam is easier than it seems; more than 85% of the candidates pass it on the first try.

7. Career Development

With the CCIE certification, you can experience an exponential increase in your career progress, setting yourself apart from your competitors.

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