8 Surprising Benefits Of Plum Juice

If you were ever interested in trying an organic, antioxidant-packed fruit juice, plum juice is available in many different varieties and has unique antioxidants and health-boosting properties. It’s something you should definitely consider adding to your grocery list.

What is Plum Juice?

Prunes are a type of dried plum, and this fruit is typically associated with prune juice. This fruit is often considered simply because it has a higher sugar content, though the health benefits are nothing to sneeze about. Research shows that when you consume this nutrient-rich drink, your digestive system will go through rapid changes. Be careful when trying it for the first time so that your body can adjust to the new taste.

Plum Juice Benefits

Some of the most important health benefits of plum juice include aiding weight loss, preventing heart attacks, boosting vision, and reducing constipation. There are many other benefits as well including helping in pregnancy.

Aids in Digestion

The fiber in this juice has a natural laxative effect. Plus, it also causes the body to reabsorb water. People that have trouble staying regular will love this juiced as it helps them stay hydrated and has a diuretic effect on the body.

Boosts Cognition

This can also help you maintain your cognition even as you age. [4]

Improves Vision

Vitamin A is one of a few nutrients found in this juice that can help reduce oxidative stress in the eyes, lower macular degeneration risk, and slow the development of cataracts.

Helps in Pregnancy

You should always consult with your doctor before adding anything new to your pregnancy diet, but plum juice is a good addition. It can keep you healthy and promote normal growth and development, as well as ensure healthy blood flow.

Weight Loss

Dietary fiber is an essential nutrient, in part because it helps people feel full and prevent snacking. One particular type of dietary fiber found in plum juice can help a person stay within their designated caloric intake, while also reducing the risk of obesity.

Regulates Cholesterol Levels

Despite its potential dangers, a number of drugs contain phenols. Some of them reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol and protect you from atherosclerosis and heart attack while others reduce oxidative stress and protect you from stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevents Chronic Diseases

As with many fruits, this juice is high in antioxidants. These antioxidants can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as arthritis and heart diseases.

Anticancer Potential

Plum juice is a fruit that contains phenolic compounds, which have shown certain antiproliferation activity in research conducted by Texas A&M University in 2014. It has also been shown to exert cytotoxic effects without damaging more healthy cells. [7]

Plum Juice Side Effects

Most people can enjoy a glass of plum juice in moderation. In contrast, excessive consumption may cause some unpleasant side effects such as diarrhea, cramps and even weight gain.

Stomach Issues

A common plant-based beverage, plum juice is known to help digestion in the body and can modify bowel movements. However, consuming too much of it can lead to cramping, bloating, loose stools and diarrhea and dehydration, which can occur years later.

Weight Gain

Many types of juice qualify for “odds and sods” expenses, including plum juice. It does have extra calories with each cup, so make sure to factor these calories into your daily total.

Plum Juice vs. Prune Juice

Many people don’t differentiate between grape and prune juice. The two juices often come from the same fruit, and they taste virtually identical to most people. For example, both are usually fairly similar in terms of sugar content, composition, and appearance. It’s just that one comes from a plum and the other comes from a prune. However, when it comes down to health benefits, grape juice has slightly more vitamin K with fewer calories but slightly more fat than processed prune juice. When it comes to taste, plum juice has a sweeter flavor thanks to the higher concentration of sugar.

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