What Colors Match With Blue? 7 Colors to Try, 33 Outfits to Inspire You

Some people like to ask us questions about colors and how to wear them, because they’re equally as curious about pairing colors with different shades of blue. Here’s a mini guide to wearing blue and some of the best color combinations with the shade of blue.

Have you ever been to a party and wanted to wear a different outfit but couldn’t find the perfect color combination for blue? Well, we’ve looked for you! A quick guide on what colors go best with blue and some outfit suggestions.

Blue and green outfit ideas

This is one of the most common and popular color combinations out there. Pinterest is full of blue and green outfit ideas and our team has written a blog before about wearing them together. You can check out that blog in the link below. It seems that a limey pastely green is really popular with blue and so are mint greens. They look so beautiful together and you can always balance it out with white or even some grey.

It seems that green is one of the hottest colors in the world right now. There are a ton of blue and green outfit ideas on Pinterest and we’ve written before on this blog about wearing these two should together…check out our previous article on the topic by clicking the link below. It’s likely that minty green was really popular with lime-y blue and so was sunburst yellow-green. They look great together, in any color balance!

How to wear blue with orange 

There are a lot of opinions around what colors should be worn and if mixed together the outcome can be mixed. For those looking for subtle alternatives, you can wear cerulean blue with tangerine or go for a deep navy and tone down the brightness of the orange.

Blue and white outfit ideas

With close to 30 colors in their catalog already, it’s obvious that white is BYO’s go-to when you don’t know what to wear. However, with light blue and more like pastels, it makes an outfit look cool and bright while also making everything feel fresh and new. You can play around with all the colors in one of your other garments but even wearing a full white and blue ensemble feels interesting and looks easy to maintain.

Blue and black outfit

Some people are scared to wear blues and nudes with black, but people have been wearing these colors together for decades. There’s also something really beautiful about the contrast between black and a baby blue color.

A lot of people fear wearing blue and navy with black because those colors don’t go together. But there’s actually something really beautiful about the contrast between black and a bright royal blue, a teal or cerulean, especially when done with care.

How to wear blue and reds together

To make this tough color pairing work, you really need to find the right shade of red with a good matching blue. Be bold or be subtle depending on the look you want to achieve. We found that royal blues work super well for vibrant and eclectic looks, but for subtle and sophisticated, neutral tones like raspberry or even chocolate browns offer great versatility. You can also use red accessories, bags or shoes to complement your outfit.

By reds, we mean all the different tones of red, including bright and intense reds as well as subtle raspberry reds or those in the mid-range that are borderline burgundy. We found in our research that royal blue goes beautifully with a really bright red, but it’s a statement piece that should be taken seriously. For more subtle looks, choose muted raspberry reds or ones that are borderline burgundy. You can also keep the color a bit subdued so it isn’t overpowering, like choosing an accessory, bag or shoes.

Blue with beiges and browns

For confident people, a navy-blue shirt usually works the best. There’s also an option of adding a different color to stand out. For example, you could wear a bright blue with an equally popping brown like this outfit on the right.

For lighter colors, you could stick with the classic navy. If you want to add something more colorful and bold, try a vibrant dark blue or way brighter blue paired with a muted brown. These are all options you could consider when it comes to building your outfits.


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