3 Easy Self Care Strategies For When You Really Need A Break

3 Easy Self Care Strategies For When You Really Need A Break

3 Easy Self Care Strategies For When You Really Need A Break. When you’re so overwhelmed with life that all you can think about is a vacation, it’s a sign that you need a break. And it would be great if you could go on that vacation, relax, have fun and be alone for a while… Sounds like a perfect world, doesn’t it?

Yet in reality, it might not be the case. You might be dealing with work overload that doesn’t allow you to leave. The money could be on the dry side. And the thought of that family vacation can make you feel even more exhausted (it’s not like you won’t have to care for your kids there, right?).

Taking care of yourself is supposed to make you feel better, right? But what if you feel so tired that you can’t even bring yourself to do anything? I know how that feels all too well.

I’m a regular burnout candidate thanks to my tendency to work a bit too much – something I inherited from my dad, who was a workaholic. However, there’s one thing every workaholic knows: if you overwork yourself, taking some time for self care is the best way to recover. It’s your way out of fatigue, bad mood, and grumpiness.

So if you’re feeling burnt out, don’t hesitate to take some time for yourself. You deserve it!

The key to getting the most out of your self care break is to choose activities that are easy to do but still effective enough to help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. In this post, I’ll share my three favorite self care strategies that are simple and require very little extra effort.

Easy Self Care Strategies For When You Really Need A Break

1. Beauty Day

One of the things I like to do when I’m in need of some self-care is to have a beauty day. This involves dedicating some time to taking care of my appearance and relaxing at the same time. I don’t go all-out and do everything possible, however. I pick and choose which beauty activities will help me relax and make me feel good.

Some of my favorite beauty self-care activities include:

  • -Getting a facial
  • -Doing a face mask
  • -Giving myself a manicure or pedicure
  • -Taking a long, hot bath

There’s no need to try and do everything at once – just start with one thing and see how you feel after. Are you still feeling tired? Take a nap. Feeling a little better? Why not do something more?

One of the great things about beauty self care strategies is that they’re usually pretty easy to try. You can explore the benefits of red light therapy beds to enhance your beauty routine and promote relaxation.

2. Pleasurable Experiences Day

This is one of the best self care strategies for those who need fun and pleasant experiences in their life. The key point of having a pleasurable self care day is to give your body and soul something to feel nice about. To do that, incorporate your senses:

Look for pleasing sights – buy flowers, burn some aromatherapy oils, order a meal that looks appetizing, change your bedsheets. Allow yourself to take in the beauty around you to stimulate your receptors and lift your moods.

There are many ways to find beauty in your everyday life and fighting fatigue doesn’t have to be all about struggling through your to-do list. Here are a few things you can do to give yourself a break and shift your focus to the beauty around you:

-Look for pretty views. Scroll through professional photography online, go for a walk in a nice park, spend some time painting and playing with colors, go through your favorite photos.

-Listen to beautiful sounds. Whatever soothes your soul! It can be rain, river, forest, birds, and other natural sounds on Youtube (when I’m super tired, simple wind works wonders). It can be soothing and slow piano music.

-Take some time for yourself every day to do something you enjoy, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

3. “Doing Absolutely Nothing” Day

One of the best self-care strategies that has stood the test of time is to take a day or two to do absolutely nothing. It may seem counter-intuitive but when you feel like doing nothing, it’s actually your body’s way of telling you that it needs a break.

Ignoring this feeling will only lead to more stress and exhaustion so it’s important to listen to your body and take a break when it’s telling you to.

I know it can be difficult to justify taking a day (or two) off when there’s so much to do but trust me, it’s not going to make your world fall apart.

There’s always a way to postpone something until tomorrow and you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to tackle all those tasks when you’re well-rested. So if everything feels too hard or irritating, take some time for yourself and relax – your body will thank you for it!

From the simplest to the most complex, these self-care strategies can work wonders for your wellbeing. Sometimes, all you need is a little downtime to let your mind and body rest.

Other times, you might need something more active to distract yourself from whatever’s stressing you out. But the best part is that there’s a self-care strategy out there for everyone. So whether you’re looking for a quick fix or something more long-term, give one (or all!) of these a try.

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