QR code for restaurants: Treat veterans to a sumptuous meal this Veterans Day

This Veterans Day, restaurant owners can honor those who fought for the country with a sumptuous complimentary meal.

With an interactive QR code menu, meal selections can easily be updated to include complimentary meals or show discounted prices for veterans. What’s more, restaurant owners can edit their menus to reflect the celebration of Veterans Day, such as the US flag, military badge, and more.

Many restaurants offer discounts and complimentary meals to commemorate the celebration, and it’s not something to miss out on for many restaurant owners.

If you’re running a restaurant business, here’s how to use a menu QR code this Veterans Day.

1.Ready your restaurant staff for an influx

Many veterans would like to avail of the discounts and complimentary meals, so be ready for an influx of people coming to benefit from the promo this Veterans Day.

While some veterans may be knowledgeable about using a QR code menu, older veterans may not be as experienced with technology. As a restaurant owner, train your staff to wait and assist customers whenever needed.

Remind the staff to seek identification like Military ID, VA card, or discharge papers to prevent people from taking advantage of the discount this Veterans Day. This way, only eligible people can avail of the discount or complimentary meal.

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2.Make veteran meals available for online ordering

To prevent the influx of people into restaurants, some veterans may simply order takeaways and eat with their families at home.

Making veteran meals available for online ordering can be tricky because restaurant owners need to confirm veterans’ identities before they can check out the meal. Some restaurants may also deduct the discount only on the meal the veteran selected.

The great thing is that a menu QR code generator can easily edit, change, or remove options from the menu QR code. Also, ensure to include guides and instructions so customers can easily navigate the online ordering page.

3.Use a customized QR code to reflect Veterans Day

Even before customers scan QR codes, commemorate the celebration of Veterans Day by printing a customized menu QR code.

While reprinting another QR code menu just for the celebration can be a hassle, it can be reused for the following year. A dynamic QR code can update the information in the QR code whenever there are changes or new meal selections.

To give an idea, a customized QR code menu can reflect themes and imagery of the US flag, US military branches’ logo, and more.

While this is a simple gesture, many veterans highly appreciate any method that celebrates their services to the country.

4.Boost your Veterans Day campaign on social media

For restaurants that go the extra mile and launch a social media campaign for Veterans Day, boost their engagement, viewing, and visits with a QR code.

At the bottom of the menu QR code, when scanned, redirect customers to your social media pages where they can easily see the campaign. It’s an extra appreciation that can elevate their dining experience in your restaurant.

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Simultaneously, this strategy can also increase the social activities of your platforms, such as likes, followings, and subscriptions.

Final thoughts

Veterans have been through a lot just to provide security to the homeland, protect the world from attacks, and de-escalating tensions.

Veterans Day is only a one-day celebration, so show appreciation even with something as simple as a complimentary meal or discount in your restaurant.

If you’ve not yet switched or are still planning to adopt a QR code menu, use a credible menu QR code software with features like customization, real-time tracking, dynamic QR code, unlimited scan, and more.

Learn more about QR code menus on MENUTIGER.

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